House of the Living Ghosts - Eating the Cross - Sweet Dreams

Wall painting: graffiti with "erotic" irritations
The installation "Eating the Cross" (wall painting, video, sound collages) was created in 2006. Vonbank spices up symbols of Catholicism with erotic connotations, thereby alienating them and charging them with new emotional meaning.

Video and Sound Collages: Contrast of "Beliefs"
In the video and sound collages for "Kreuz verspeisen", Vonbank contrasts the Catholic dogmas with new dogmas. The cartoonish confrontation becomes a process of creative re-creation.
Video "Eating the Cross" 2006, length: 8 min 18 sec
Sound collages "Eating the cross" 2006, length: 30min

  Eating the Cross (move the cursor over the movie to move through the room)

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